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Lunch with Matt Russo

2016-04-22 | Collaboration Zone | Open

Join Matt Russo in what is sure to be an intimate, serious and a bit humorous look at Matt’s journey from college to Northwestern Mutual where he has grown to be the number one producing office in NYC. No small feat! He views his life in a very entrepreneurial way. You’ll hear stories of success and failure and success again. You’ll hear life lessons and insights in a way that only Matt can deliver. He has great insight in the wealth management arena and hospitality. A great Q&A opportunity.

Lunch with Jenn Vargas

2016-04-01 | Banfi's Taylor A Room | DBME

Jenn Vargas is currently a Technical Product Manager at Birchbox, she is also the Founder of Accompl.sh, a social application for achieving your goals. She holds a B.A. in Information Science/Studies from Cornell University.

Lunch with Charlie Mulligan

2016-03-21 | Banfi's Four Season Boardroom | Dyson Business Minors

Lunch with Charlie Mulligan I find talented people, point them in a general direction, and challenge them to do more together than they ever could on their own. After two decades in sales, marketing, and management, I’ve learned that leadership isn’t about being the smartest guy in the room, it’s about making the whole room smarter.

Lunch with Robbie Neff

2015-11-03 | Banfi's Four Seasons Boardroom | Dyson Business Minors

Luncheon with Robbie Neff Robbie graduated from the Dyson School last year and founded two companies during his final year at Cornell. The first company, Cubix Labs LLC, is a data analytics firm that creates cost-effective solutions entirely on Microsoft Excel for non profits and small businesses. The second business, PicSwitch Technologies, Inc., develops a mobile app that combines the intriguing and challenging elements of a puzzle with the interactive and social characteristics of picture sharing.

Understanding Personality Types

2015-10-30 | Warren Hall | Open

Breakfast with Lauren Kay

2015-10-29 | Banfi's Four Season Boardroom | DBME

Breakfast with Lauren Kay I'm the founder of two companies - SmartSitting and Dating Ring. I'm really passionate about using technology to connect people. I love tackling super difficult problems, hence starting both a babysitting and a dating company.