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Lunch with Robbie Neff

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Group: Dyson Business Minors

Location: Banfi's Four Seasons Boardroom

Event Date: 2015-11-03

NOTE: This event is Business Casual so we ask that you please dress appropriately


Seats Available: 6


Schedule of the Event:

November 03, 2015


Banfi's Four Seasons Boardroom

Luncheon with Robbie Neff Begins


Banfi's Four Seasons Boardroom

Luncheon with Robbie Neff Ends

Luncheon with Robbie Neff


Robbie graduated from the Dyson School last year, and founded two companies during his final year at Cornell. The first company, Cubix Labs LLC, is a data analytics firm that creates cost-effective solutions entirely on Microsoft Excel for non profits and small businesses.  

The second business, PicSwitch Technologies, Inc., develops a mobile app that combines the intriguing and challenging elements of a puzzle with the interactive and social characteristics of picture sharing. The idea for PicSwitch grew out of Prof. Streeter's Business Planning for New Ventures. Currently raising an early stage round of venture capital, the app aims to transform the digital advertising industry with a truly engaging and fun experience for users.